Tuition Reduction Incentive Program
What is TRIP?
TRIP is the acronym for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. It is offered to promote the education of the students at Trinity Christian School. It is a way for you to reduce your tuition bill every time you buy food, clothing, gas or even when doing a home improvement by making purchases at stores that participate in this program (a list of  over 400 retailers can be found at 

You don’t have to buy anything extra and you can make your purchases whenever you like. There is no minimum amount that you have to purchase. You will simply pay for your in-store or online purchases with gift cards instead of cash, check, or credit card.

TRIP is not about spending. It is about saving on your tuition every time you must make a purchase! Families have saved as much as $375.00 from their tuition in just six months of using TRIP. That is $750.00 a year from making general purchases.

The more you use TRIP, the more you save!


Participating Retailers

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How do I get started?

Read through this material and fill out the TCS Registration Form. This form then needs to be returned to the school office for record keeping.

To get started with placing an actual order, you will need an internet connected computer, and an Enrollment Code (Enrollment Code can be obtained from a TRIP coordinator).

Initially you will need to fill out a “Family Registration” on-line. Go to and click on “Not a member?” which can be found in the orange Member Login box. This takes only a couple of minutes.

How do I pay for my TRIP cards?

There are two ways to purchase your gift cards. You may use personal checks or Presto Pay.

Personal Checks

After registering your family, you can place your order. When checking out, click on the “check” payment option. You will need to submit your check to the school office. Since we need additional time to clear a personal check, all checks must be in the school office by 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. Your order will be ready for pick up on Wednesday, one week later. If your personal check does not get to the office on time, your order will not be processed until the following week.

Checks have limitations. Families using personal checks will not be able to place TRIP orders during school holiday closings and summer vacations.

Presto Pay

Presto Pay is the preferred method of payment. It is an electronic fund transfer system that is linked to your checking account. There are 2 video/slide presentations available that help explain this option along with its safety.

Presto Pay allows you to pay for your TRIP order all from the convenience of your own home. Your checking account will automatically be debited for the face amount of your order, plus a convenience fee of $0.39.

To get started with Presto Pay, click on “you do not have a Presto-Pay account. Click here to create one.” This can be found just under the tool bar on your personal page and canʼt be accessed until you have registered your family. You will only need to register for Presto Pay once. 

Next you will need to complete a form. After the form is completed you will need to wait for GLSC to verify the account. This process takes two business days. During the next few days, watch for two small deposits of money to be made into you designated checking account. Take note of both amounts.

After the two business days, return to your personal Account Dashboard at to continue the verification process. Right under the tool bar you will see “your Presto Pay account has not been verified. Click here to verify.” After clicking, enter the two digit amounts, press “next” and you will now be ready to use Presto Pay.

Once you are approved with Presto Pay, you are free to place your first order via the internet, any time, day, or night. Remember to check out using the “Presto Pay” payment option.

When do I place my order?

You can place your order any time. Your order is automatically placed in a Trinity Christian School holding queue. Your TRIP coordinators release the entire schoolʼs order once a week. All orders must be in by midnight on Wednesday to ensure that they will be ready for pick up on Wednesday one week later.

When do I receive my TRIP gift cards?

Every Wednesday, your processed order will be available for pick-up at the school office.

Please remember, if you placed an order by midnight on Wednesday, it will be ready the following Wednesday, seven days later.

What if I can't pick up my cards?

If you canʼt pick up your cards you may arrange for someone else to pick up your cards for you. Please make sure you notify one of your TRIP coordinators ahead of time. To protect you, we will not issue cards without your prior notification. We will ask your designated person to sign for your cards and at that point they will become the responsible party for your cards.

We will not send orders home in your child’s backpack. The gift cards have a “cash” value. If lost, anyone can use them.

How do I receive my credit?

The Merchant Certificate Listing indicates the percentage of your purchase that will be credited back to the TCS program each time you place an order with that vender. These credits will accumulate and twice a year you will receive 80% of that amount as a credit on your tuition statement reducing your tuition obligation. TCS will retain the remaining portion (20%) as a new source of funds for school operations.

When will I receive the credit?

The reduction is taken from your December and May tuition payment. A tuition reduction statement will be sent home the month prior. Simply subtract the stated amount from your tuition.

Can I order for other people?

Definitely! This is a great way to increase your tuition reduction. Ask relatives and friends to consider shopping with gift cards.

My children are not in school yet, but I’d like to start TRIP now!

Be sure to indicate on the registration form that you are a FUTURE family. Your credits will continue to accumulate year after year. Once your child is in school, you need to inform TRIP that you would like the credits applied.

We would like our credits applied to the school or another family.

On the registration form, fill out the appropriate box as to where you want your credits applied.


Call Janet Kruzek, our TRIP coordinator, in the TCS Office (973-334-1785) and she will be glad to help you.