Student Athletic Participation Fee

The Rationale

Research of numerous private and Christian schools reveals that athletics participation fees are a common feature in most school programs. Clearly, schools across New Jersey have to learn to do more with fewer dollars in these challenging economic times. TCS has seen its number of athletics teams steadily increase, which is encouraging, but the costs for facility rentals and game officials previously paid from our tuition-funded budget have increased accordingly. 

Certainly, our top priority must be to educate students in the classroom. However, a compelling argument for athletics can be made. Some studies show that students who participate in sports and related activities generally have higher grade point averages, better attendance and fewer behavioral problems. 

Participation in athletics and other activities is vital to both individual students and to the overall health of the school. Friendships and school-spirit are built through the shared activity of athletics competition. Colleges are seeking well rounded students. Reputations of high schools are based on many factors, including their comprehensive programs. An athletics participation fee will enable TCS to continue to offer solid athletics programs to benefit our children and our school.

The Plan
Participants in TCS sports programs pay an Athletics Fee according to the following schedule:

Per sport (per student)  -- $100
Max per student (per year) -- $200
Max per family (per year) -- $300

Payments can be made via your Easy Pay account.

is our sincere desire that every student wanting to participate in TCS athletics programs not be prevented from doing so because of financial constraints. Accordingly, if there is an inability to pay the required fees, application for scholarship funds can be made with the Athletics Director. Special circumstances and needs will be considered on a case by case basis.