Coaching athletics is a great opportunity to serve the Lord by meeting a need, teaching the requisite skills and rules of the sport, and teaching and mentoring students in the Christian life. Coaches are expected to demonstrate Christ-like leadership and be role models for our athletes.

REQUIREMENTS - Personal Testimony
1) A coach must have a credible testimony of salvation in Christ, a commitment to Christian living, and a pattern of life consistent with the demands of the Bible.
2) A coach must be a member in good standing in an evangelical Christian church.

All TCS coaches are also required to complete sports' safety training.  These requirements are mandated by the State of New Jersey, and represent a best policy approach to keeping athletes safe. In addition, the guidelines at the bottom of the page are intended to direct towards Christ-like behavior in all athletic endeavors. 

1.  Get certified in CPR/AED training; certification is are offered peroiodically at TCS and is good for two years.

Click the link below for another option; sign up for the HEARTSAVER CPR/AED class.

2.  Read the pamphlet on "Winning With Asthma" linked below.

3.  Read the pamphlet on "Sudden Cardiac Arrest In Young Athletes" linked below.

4.  Get a background check and be fingerprinted by the State of New Jersey.  Check out the two links below for information on how to do this.

ALSO:  Read the handout on "Good Sportsmanship" linked below.  All coaches should communicate these principles to their teams.
     Good Sportsmanship