Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Lynn Prol, 2006
A.A., Essex County College
Education Experience: 10 Years

Mrs. Donna  Stempert, 2013
B.A., Ramapo College
Education Experience: 6 Years
First Grade

Miss. Danielle Abrahamsen, 2011
B.A., Montclair State University
M.Ed.,  Covenant College
Education Experience: 7 Years
Second Grade

TCS Alumna: Class of 2002

Mrs. Lindsey Brooks
B.A., SUNY, New Paltz
Educational Experience: 7 Years
Third Grade

Mr. Nick Scotten, 2004
B.A., Clearwater Christian College
M.Ed., Covenant College
Education Experience: 28 Years
Fourth Grade

Mrs. Sharon Carrione, 1993
B.S. Belhaven College
Education Experience: 32 Years
Fifth Grade

Miss Erika Thomasen, 2012
B.A., College of Saint Elizabeth
Education Experience: 8 Years
Sixth Grade
TCS Alumna: Class of 2004

Mrs. Lisa Cunningham
A.A., County College of Morris
Education Experience: 17 Years
Elementary Music, Librarian

Mrs. Janice Dolce
Education Experience: 4 Years
Elementary Gym

Mrs. Tanya Mladenovic
Education Experience: 6 Years
Art - Grades 1-6

Mrs. Katie Picciottoli

Education Experience: 2 Years
Latin - Grades 3-5