Elementary Curriculum
Because "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge," (Proverbs 1:7), Trinity Christian School emphasizes the necessity of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ as fundamental to the educational process. On this foundation, we labor with parents to nurture growth of moral character through faithful instruction in the light of God's Word. We strive for academic excellence and proper development of social and physical skills through a curriculum in which each subject is presented from a distinctively biblical perspective. Our goal is to teach the students to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ for the formulation of a God-centered worldview.

The Bible is taught as a regular subject at each grade. Daily prayer and singing, along with weekly chapel are also encouragements to spiritual growth. Christian education, however, is not merely the inclusion of Bible instruction along with otherwise "regular" subject matter. The faculty at TCS labors to bring the Bible as a reference point to each subject of study in the curriculum. To this Christian worldview of curriculum, TCS applies a classical pedagogical paradigm. What does classical education look like?

At the elementary level, classical education looks and sounds like an old-fashioned grammar school. It incorporates a strong emphasis on reading, writing (English grammar, spelling, and handwriting), and arithmetic with the fact-enriched study of science, history, and geography. Latin is studied in the elementary grades to strengthen students understanding of language on a broader scope. Art, music, and physical education are provided in weekly lessons.

Trinity Christian School meets the scholastic requirements of the New Jersey Department of Education, but always within the context of its own Christian and classical goals and presuppositions.

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