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Approximately ninety percent of all TCS graduates have gone on to college with the majority receiving some form of scholarship.  Our graduates are frequently granted acceptance into some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

TCS alumni have pursued careers in accounting, architecture, education, engineering, law, government, military and more. Particularly encouraging is the fact that approximately seventy percent of TCS graduates are members of a local church, living out the faith wherein they have been instructed.  We are thankful that many of Trinity Christian School’s alumni remain actively involved with the school in various capacities. While many alum stay in touch and donate their time and resources to various projects, we are very thankful for those who have returned to teach at TCS and, thereby, help us to continue to fulfill our mission. God has also blessed TCS with a growing number of second generation students, as alumni are now choosing to put their own children through TCS- what an encouragement!

It is a special blessing and an honor when a school’s alumni feel compelled to take time to express their sentiments about their educational experiences.   The following testimonials represent a cross-section of TCS graduates who have written to us, expressing their appreciation for the positive influence and unique advantages that their years at TCS have given them.

I started attending TCS when I was in the third grade. Although only eight, I had experienced pressure at my previous school because of the Christian views I had been taught at home. I was not saved at the time, but even then I saw the distinct difference between a secular and a Christian education. Although Christianity was at the forefront of everything we learned, TCS was not afraid to deal with other worldviews. At TCS, I learned how to think critically about important issues, and this skill has helped me greatly in college. As a History and Education major, I have experienced some harmful agendas in the classroom, but thanks to TCS, I have the ability to write and speak comprehensively against such agendas. I can honestly say that TCS has helped to prepare me spiritually and academically for the real world, and I am thankful for all of the years I spent there. (E. Gaitan, Class of 2018)

I attended TCS for 14 years, from Pre-School until Senior Year of High School and I don’t regret a single moment. I know I took my years at Trinity for granted while I was in the midst of it all but one moment in particular stands out to me. During Senior Year, myself and two of my fellow Seniors were talking with one of the elementary teachers. She was sharing her heart concerning a past TCS student who was not walking with the Lord. It was then that I realized just how much the teachers cared for us, not just academically but spiritually as well. When they said they were praying for us, they meant it one hundred percent and that hit me hard. Attending TCS really is like having a second family. Even now, my fellow comrades of the Class of 2013 still reminisce on the laughter, Joy, shenanigans, and life lessons we learned during our time at this little lighthouse in the Darkness of this world. Since graduating from TCS, I’ve attended Seton Hall University for both my Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. TCS equipped me in ways I couldn’t fully appreciate until I entered the college scene. I found myself ahead of my peers mentally and fitted with a work ethic that many of them struggled to maintain. While TCS is rigourous, yes, it’s not impossible. The hard work is worth it in the end and I’m immensely grateful the Most High gave me the opportunity to receive my education here. (T. Harris, Class of 2013)

Trinity Christian School has been one of God’s best gifts to me.  I consider my TCS education invaluable in preparing me to study philosophy at Drew University and the law at Villanova University.  TCS is a wonderful place to study for anyone looking for a God-centered, academically rigorous curriculum that will fully prepare the student’s mind for further successful studies and satisfying work.  I look forward to the time my children can experience the same quality of Christian education I did. (W. Kruzek, Class of 2001)

I’m writing to say thank you for what Trinity Christian School has meant to me and to encourage you to press on in this good work!  At times, I would think that by attending this tiny, out-of-the-way place I would be missing out on something. But now I see that it’s so many of my college class mates who have missed out.  Sadly, many of my peers have no idea that God intends something so much better for them. Their capacity to reason, their sexuality, their concern for the future, their sense of right and wrong—everything about them was made by God and for a purpose.  The acceptance of evolution is so pervasive; yet God’s creation is so real. I thank Him for what He has done for me, not least, the education I’ve received. And I thank you for teaching me about reality. Thank you for teaching me how to think logically, critically, graciously. Thank you for being honest about life.  Christians are not closed-minded, self-righteous bigots. I know you. You’re willing to ask questions. And to accept God’s real and satisfying answers! (H. Prol, Class of 2005)

I graduated from TCS in 2001 as a member of the first graduating class. I was the oldest member of my class, so that makes me the oldest graduate in the history of TCS!  Deciding to attend TCS for high school was a difficult decision because I was coming out of a school that was much less academically rigorous. Although I had attended TCS for several years in grammar school, I was not used to true learning, and I certainly didn't know what a love of learning was. With the persistent encouragement of my parents, however, I transferred to Trinity.  God was moving through this decision. My teachers at Trinity pointed me to attend Hillsdale College. I am now a principal at Veritas Academy and, through my job, I hope to give back just a very small piece of what TCS gave me -- a love of learning and a love for Christ. My TCS education will not only last a lifetime but an eternity as well. It will not only impact me, but my children, students, employees, and friends as well.  (J. Daughtry, Class of 2001)

Almost eight years ago, I ended one of the most crucial and rewarding periods of my life.  On June 7, 2002, I and my six classmates graduated from Trinity Christian School, ending 13 years of the best education a school can offer.  Every year since then, I have become more and more aware of and thankful for the benefits that I received from TCS. I have been prepared to face the error that the people in the world throw into the laps of the young people who are their future.  I have been able to discuss relevant matters articulately and accurately. I have been able to debate with those who expect young people to be naive and therefore embrace everything they say. I have had a firm Biblical foundation to answer those who claim the Bible is just a bunch of stories and that religion is for the weak.  I was taught and have been able to express myself accurately and thoughtfully through my writing. And, the building blocks of biblical and classical education laid in my elementary and middle school years were the foundation for everything that came later. I am proud to say that I attended and graduated from Trinity Christian School.  I cannot think of a better place for any child to be educated. Along with all the academics, the Word of God and its application to every day life are central to the life and teaching of the school. It is my prayer that TCS will be able to continue its mission of preparing young people to face the world by providing a superior Christian education.
(D. Abrahamsen, Class of 2002)

I went to Grove City College after I graduated from TCS and majored in English with a Secondary Education certification. I don't say this for any reason other than that I am grateful for TCS, but I received a full tuition scholarship to Grove City because I took a general knowledge and writing test, for which I am sure my Western Thought classes prepared me. The humanities core at Grove City was also a breeze because of the preparation I received at Trinity, mostly in HOW to think, and not just memorizing facts. Facts were totally forgotten, but because I was familiar with concepts and movements in history, I definitely had an edge in my classes.   If there is one thing I am most thankful for at Trinity, it is the teachers. I love the atmosphere they created of being comfortable. Kids thrive under an atmosphere of love and support. Many times, I'd go to a class, and a teacher would seize a teachable moment, not discuss their discipline, and willingly break their plans. Students come before getting through content at TCS, and I feel like I'm coming home when I walk back through the school and talk to my old teachers and the administration. (A. Lee, Class of 2004)

I graduated from NJIT’s Newark College of Engineering in May of 2007 with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, with honors.  This coming Fall, I am planning on continuing my studies for a MS degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in California.  I attribute much of my academic success to my years at Trinity Christian School, especially high school, with its rigorous academic program and its efforts to mold the character of the students into God glorifying, diligent graduates. (J. Kruzek, Class of 2003)

I attended Hillsdale College (MI), and received a BS in biology, with minors in Spanish and chemistry.  This past summer, I started a Master of Education program at the University of Alabama—Birmingham.   I am now a member of Faith Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL.  I am currently a teacher at a private Christian school.  It's my third year of teaching, and my first year at this school.   As far as my experience at TCS--I loved it!  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended there...thankful to God, to my parents, and to all the teachers who worked hard for me over the years.  I graduated in 2002, so I was part of the 2nd class to go through the high school.  TCS prepared me well for the challenging classes I took while at Hillsdale.  When I compare the opportunities, classes, teachers, standards, etc., between TCS and the school I teach at now, I believe the education at TCS is superior.  That's saying a lot!  My current school has just under 2,000 students -- pre-K through 12th grade-- and much more money and space to grow.  However, at TCS, we were taught how to think and evaluate the culture around us.  We were taught by teachers who exemplified a love of learning, who pushed us to excellence in all our work, and who were (and still are!) godly examples in our lives. (B. Crouse, Class of 2002)