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Elementary Program Overview

The elementary program at TCS seeks to give students a solid foundation in basic knowledge and skills across subject matter, so that they have a healthy bank of information to pull from as they progress into the next levels of their education. Bible, English grammar, Literature and Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, and Latin are all covered at a basic level in the elementary grades.


The elementary Bible program seeks to ground students in their knowledge of the narratives and teachings of Scripture, as well as helping them to understand basic Bible doctrine.  Students will survey through the Bible twice before spending a year focused on doctrines taught in the Shorter Catechism. Students also gather for chapel once every week.

  • Kindergarten: Basic Bible doctrine
  • 1st-2nd grades: OT overview
  • 3rd grade: NT overview
  • 4th grade: OT survey
  • 5th grade: NT survey
  • 6th grade: Basic Bible Doctrine from Shorter Catechism
Grammar and Writing

The Shurley Method is used in grades 1-4 to help students understand the basics of English grammar.  In the 5th and 6th grades, Bob Jones curriculum helps students transition into every day grammar usage.  Writing is a crucial skill for students to learn. Students progress from writing simple sentences at the youngest ages to writing complete paragraphs, essays, and reports as they progress through the elementary grades.


The elementary reading and literature program is undergoing a gradual reconstruction as we seek to adopt a more classical method for teaching these subjects.  The new program has units that focus on character traits that we want to encourage our students to emulate. Within these units are works of literature that have stood the test of time and cover various genres. 


Kindergarten through 4th grades use the ABeka math program, while 5th and 6th grades work with Saxon Math as they prepare to enter more intense secondary math classes.


Based off of the Bob Jones curriculum, students are led through studies in life and earth science throughout their elementary years. Throughout their studies, God’s glory and majesty are highlighted as they are introduced to all of the wonders of His creation.


By the time students finish 4th grade, they will have covered Ancient History and the Middle Ages through modern American history; they complete their elementary history studies with world geography at the 5th and 6th grade levels.  

  • Kindergarten: Introduction to the United States, Holidays, and General Patriotic Knowledge
  • 1st grade: Introduction to the United States- Geography, Patriotic Symbols, and Famous Americans 
  • 2nd grade: Ancient History (Egypt, Greece, & Rome) & the Middle Ages
  • 3rd grade: US History 1
  • 4th grade: US History 2
  • 5th grade: Geography: Western Hemisphere
  • 6th grade: Geography: Eastern Hemisphere

The Latin for Children series is used in 3rd through 5th grades.  In 6th grade, students begin a second cycle of Latin study using the Cambridge Latin Series which continues into their 7th-8th grade years.

Additional classes in fine art, music, chorus, and physical education round out the elementary curriculum.