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Secondary Curriculum & Program Overview

Click the following link for the 2020-2021 Secondary Curriculum Guide and this link for the Secondary Course Summary.

Because "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge," (Proverbs 1:7), Trinity Christian School emphasizes the necessity of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ as fundamental to the educational process. On this foundation, we labor with parents to nurture growth of moral character through faithful instruction in the light of God's Word. We strive for academic excellence and proper development of social and physical skills through a curriculum in which each subject is presented from a distinctively biblical perspective. Our goal is to teach the students to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ for the formulation of a God-centered worldview.

The Bible is taught as a regular subject at each grade. Daily prayer and singing, along with weekly chapel are also encouragements to spiritual growth. Christian education, however, is not merely the inclusion of Bible instruction along with otherwise "regular" subject matter. The faculty at TCS labors to bring the Bible as a reference point to each subject of study in the curriculum. To this Christian worldview of curriculum, TCS applies a classical pedagogical paradigm.

What does classical education look like? A core liberal arts program is required of all students at the secondary level. While the courses are standard high school subjects, they embody a rigorous academic and Christian emphasis. With the inclusion of studies in logic and rhetoric, students are prepared to think and communicate with skill and accuracy. Culminating studies in Bible and Western thought provide students with a cohesive apologetic for the secular world in which we live. While a fully operational computer room is available for students to do research and complete assignments, computer study is limited to the acquisition of word-processing skills. Vocal and instrumental music, art and physical education are offered weekly at this level.

Extra-curricular athletics -- soccer, basketball, baseball, and track & field -- provide students with opportunities to balance their academic endeavor with wholesome physical activity. Chorus and instrumental ensemble encourage students to cultivate their musical talents. Other activities, such as service club, yearbook, teacher's aide and website management, also provide for the development of skills and interests at the secondary level.