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Parents must visit Trinity Christian School (TCS), preferably while the school is in session, in order to view and better understand the school's philosophy and operations. At this time an interview regarding admission will be held with the principal or other school personnel. [Students are not to visit the school on the initial visit with their parents. Arrangements can be made for students to visit after an application has been submitted.]

A written application including a non-refundable fee is submitted to TCS. If the parents are not members of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, or if a member for less than two years, there shall be a home interview of both parents by members of the school board in order to:  

Discuss the details of the application, especially Christian faith and testimony, and reasons they wish to place their child in Trinity Christian School.

Present plans, goals, and policies as well as the limitations of Trinity Christian School in order to foster valid rather than false expectations.

Become acquainted with the parents, ascertain that there is a home life consistent with the profession of faith, and to assure that the child (or children) has a proper respect for authority.

If the prospective student is presently or has previously been in school, appropriate school records shall be obtained. This is done through the completion of a "School Form." In addition, admissions testing may be required to:

Determine final grade-level placement.

Ascertain what remedial instruction may be required for admission.

If the prospective student is entering the middle grades or above, an additional interview between the principal (or other administrative personnel) and student may be required.

The school board shall make the decision to admit or reject the applicant; the principal shall make the final decision regarding placement.

There is a class capacity of 20 students per grade level. First priority for enrollment is given to current students through annual registration. After this, applications for new students will be considered.

All new students in grade 2 and above must attend an orientation meeting with the principal or other school personnel before beginning school. A group orientation shall be held on a date specified before the start of the academic year.

All parents must attend a group orientation for parents to be held on a date specified before the start of the academic year.