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Tuition and Fees
2021-2022 School Year

Kindergarten                           $6,760
Grades 1-6                               $8,920
Grades 7-8                             $10,245
Grades 9-12                           $11,595
  • Second child in a family receives a 10% discount.
  • Each additional child receives a 20% discount.
Application fee (new students)                           $125
Entry screening fee (new students)                      $50
Re-enrollment fee (current students)                   $75
Facilities fee (per family, per year)                     $500
Per sport, per student                                          $100
Maximum per student/per year                           $200
Maximum per family/per year                             $300    
  • Tuition Assistance is available to students based on financial need
  • Eligibility is determined through an application with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
Tuition may be paid according to one of four options (either by the 15th or 20th of each month):
  • Annual Plan - Full payment due in August (1% discount applies).
  • Bi-Annual Plan - Two equal payments due August and January.
  • 10-Month Plan - Ten equal payments due August - May.
  • 12-Month Plan - Twelve equal payments due monthly beginning in August.
T.R.I.P - T.R.I.P. stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program.  A portion of your gift card purchase is returned to you in the form of a tuition credit twice a year.  By involving your friends and relatives in this program, you can earn a significant credit. The program offers many gift card options: physical cards, ecards, and a mobile app.  You can get more information, reviewing participating vendors, and enroll at  You will be asked to enter TCS' enrollment code (3FC4D8D419239) in order to participate and receive tuition credit.  Orders for physical cards delivered to the school must be placed online by Wednesday evening. Holiday schedules may differ.
Tri-County Scholarship Program - Parents of High School students may apply for scholarship awards through Tri-County Scholarship Fund, which is an independent entity.  Please click here for information on the fund and how to apply. If you are a current recipient of a Tri-County scholarship, please note that you MUST REAPPLY ANNUALLY in order to be considered for renewal.  These applications are also due by the first week of February.