Athletic Directors & Coaches

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  • TCS Athletic Director

    Sarah Khan
  • JV Soccer

    Sara Driesse - Head Coach
    Shehzad Khan - Assistant Coach
  • Soccer (Boys Varsity)

    Paul Markowiec
    Elias Adamo
  • Soccer (Girls Varsity)

    Phil Rolsing - Head Coach
  • Basketball (Junior Boys)

    Shehzad Khan - Head Coach
    Steve Geary - Assistant Coach
  • Basketball (Junior Girls)

    Cameron Lyon - Head Coach
    Jimmy Mateo - Assistant Coach
    Nate Brand - Assistant Coach
  • Basketball (Boys Varsity)

  • Basketball (Girls Varsity)

    Phil Rolsing - Head Coach
    Ashley Schrader - Assistant Coach
  • Track

    Sara Driesse - Distance Coach
    Sarah Khan - Sprint Coach
    Paul Markowiec - Field Coach
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